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Square Nursery Pot 6.25 Inch
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Square Nursery Pot 1.5 Gallon 6.25 Inch Plastic Planters for Outdoor Indoor Plants

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1.5 gallon premium quality square plastic nursery plant pots. These Injection molded heavy duty plastic nursery pots are made with BPA free recycled plastic, designed to be reuse over and over again. Can be used for indoor planting as liners for decorative pot or used outdoor for plants, flowers, vegetables plants.


* 1.5 gallon square plastic nursery planter pots, for indoor or outdoor use
* Made with BPA free recycled plastic, durable and weather resistant, easy to clean and reuse
* Rolled edge for easy carrying, the taller design to promote healthier root structure
* 6.25" wide on top, 7.5" tall, bottom width 4.6". Bottom is narrower, can be stacked together for easy storage
* Drainage holes at raised bottom to prevent over watering and root rot.